Specializing in 360 degree and Google Street View photography.

Hosted 360 Virtual Tours

It is with great excitement we announce that we are now offering HOSTED 360 virtual tours.  

What is the difference between a Google 360 tour and a hosted 360 tour you ask? Hosted tours offer an additional layer of interactivity over top of the 360 tour. For example, we are often asked if we can make things click-able in our tours or to create call's to action. While Google is very strict on what you can and cannot do on their Maps/ Street View platform, hosted tours allow you to play videos, open images/web URL's/PDF's, embed items and play 360 videos. 

Most recently we just launched a virtual Grade 8 night for Belle River District High School. We worked with the fantastic staff to come up with a game plan to virtually welcome future students to their school.

We did 360 photos of each department and integrated the videos they provided into the virtual tour. The end result was an immersive experience that received an overwhelmingly positive response. We used Google analytics to measure traffic and understand user flow.

Check out the tour here: http://www.brdhsmedia.com/menu/brdhstour/index.html