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Patillo Apple Orchard Hosts Apple Jam

Even after having spent the majority of the last 20 years living within a stone's throw from Patillo Apple Orchard, the magic of what happen's when you take that gravel road around the bend just east off Patillo Road in Lakeshore never ceases to amaze me. Fifth generation current owners Ryan and Jaime Patillo who got married 7 years ago on the same spot as Ryan's 5th great grandfather continue to carry on the traditions while enforcing the values handed down to them.

Listed as an Urban Farm - Historical Place on Facebook, the orchard is nestled among subdivisions ranging in age from 10-30 years in age. Back in 1999, Ryan's parents; Grace and Doug, saved the orchard from becoming one of those subdivisions. 


Thank you for giving my kids an opportunity to experience country life without living in the country. For helping me teach them the value and importance of locally grown foods. And most of all for setting an example for why it is so important that we all learn to grow our own foods. According to the United Nations, a global shift in plant based food is needed if we are going to fight climate change.

Thank you also for your gift of music. I have seen the Orchard Boys (Doug and Ryan Patillo) play on numerous occasions and every time I do, I find myself tapping my foot and transported somewhere else in time. These guys are authentic, talented and have a repertoire of traditional and original bluegrass and folk tunes.

The above 360 video is a single song performed by The Orchard Boys (Ryan and Doug Patillo) with the band Close Enough that is comprised of Members: Sam Mossman (banjo), Cheryl Hickling (singer), Cheryl Lovell (stand up bass), Ronnie Kerr (mandolin), Doug Patillo (guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Patillo (rhythm guitar and vocals). 

When asked about the Apple Jam, Jaime and Ryan they tell us "Apple Jams have been going on for 10 years. Our goal is to bring people together, pick apples and enjoy the community."

Our community needs more of this. YOUR community needs more of this. 

Full video available on our youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/ZBS-MFLAfqU